Friday, October 6 from 8pm to 1am
@ Private Dungeon Playroom- Park Slope (address will be given before event)

Hosted by Cagedjock

The first major event solely dedicated to the Locked Boys community.

TOPS: Satisfy your hunger for domination
SUBS: Satisfy your submissive hearts

*Bottoms: Your cock must be locked or no entry!

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From The Producer:

Coat checked will be available and you don’t have to pay extra. The ticket price will cover everything. Light drinks and light food will be available.

No filming allowed! No cameras. No recording.  
There will be 3 bathrooms, two urinals, and a shower.

RULES FOR TOPS: You cannot let any subs serve you if their slave cocks are not locked. That’s disrespectful. Only YOUR cock matters. You are the man.

RULES FOR BOTTOMS: Your slave cock must be locked tight in chastity the entire night. You are a slave. Your hole is your sole sexual organ. You must learn to find pleasure from your mouth and your hole. The sole function of your slave cock is to piss, that’s it. You also have to be naked. Completely nude. Socks and sneakers are allowed.

If you didn’t know this then you should, during the month of Locktober, you are not allowed to be unlocked. That means starting October 1 that cage stays on. Show up to my event with a hungry mouth, a hungry hole, and a hungry mind. Your balls need to be full. The fuller your balls, the emptier your mind, the less you’ll think, the more you’ll serve. Your slave heart needs to serve. Fulfill your purpose.

BE RESPECTFUL: If someone isn’t your type, simply say no. It’s impossible to be everyone’s type. Don’t take it personally.

AT THE EVENT: Bring your own fisting lube and popper. You cannot smoke marijuana but vape pens are okay. BYOB is allowed but NO GLASS BOTTLE. You can also wear a little backpack to carry your gear such as whips, lube, gloves, popper, etc. I will have some slight snacks and drinks for everyone at no extra charge.

BE CREATIVE: Aside from sucking and fucking, share double dildos with a bottom buddy, pegging, fisting, etc.

No cock cage? No worries! KINK3D will be on site especially from California to lock you up. They’ll help with sizing and have their legendary cages available for sale. Learn more at Note: If you’re planning to get a cage at the event, please arrive on the early side to have enough time for proper sizing!

Obviously, the event is sex but I don’t want this event to be just about sex. I want this event to be an opportunity for connections, think: locked subs meeting other subs, uncollared boys looking for Owners, bottom buddies, Doms meeting other Doms, performers meeting other performers for content, etc.

Once the night is over, I want to see you leave the event with new friendships.

Can’t wait to see you at the first annual LOCKTOBERFEST.

Let’s make it a memorable night full of fun and connections!


All ticket holders agree to the Red Eye Tickets terms and conditions listed at This event is 21+, Must Bring ID. The event producer and promoters, including the venue staff, reserve the right to revoke admission to any attendee violating LOCKTOBERFEST NYC rules and regulations. Refund Policy – tickets may be refunded if requested 24 hours from the event’s start time (excludes final sale events). Return Policy – tickets may not be exchanged, or returned within 24 hours of the event start time. Red Eye Tickets is not responsible for the quality or satisfaction of the event, including but not limited to changes in event line up (headliners/ talent,) time, and location. Cancellation Policy – In the instance of an event cancellation, a full refund will be issued. Red Eye Tickets, LLC, and Red Eye Tickets staff, are not liable for any injury, death, or personal property loss at any events using Red Eye Tickets as a ticketing service provider.