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Red Eye Tickets

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Red Eye Tickets issues tickets on behalf of the independent event producers and promoters, therefore Red Eye Tickets cannot be held responsible for the nature and quality of the corresponding events. Disputes of the event price, or disputes in which an event does not meet the expectations of the ticket buyer, must be addressed to the organizer of the event exclusively. Event producers and promoters, and their venue staff, reserve the right to revoke admission to any attendee violating local rules and regulations. Red Eye Tickets, LLC, and Red Eye Tickets staff, are not liable for any injury, death, or personal property loss at any events using Red Eye Tickets as a ticketing service provider.


This is our little secret, ok?  Red Eye Tickets values our customers and their privacy. Your payment information is encrypted and processed through Personal data from a ticket purchase is never shared with third party vendors. If you would like to opt in to updates from our affiliates, sign up for our newsletter on the home page!

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Refund Policy – tickets may be refunded if requested before 24 hours from the event’s start time (excludes final sale events).

Return policy – tickets may not be exchanged, or returned within 24 hours of the event’s start time. Red Eye Tickets is not responsible for the quality or satisfaction of the event, including but not limited to changes in event line up (headliners/ talent,) time, and location.

Cancellation policy – In the instance of an event cancellation, a full refund will be issued.



You’ve got e-mail! After you’ve completed your purchase, a ticket PDF will be sent to you via email from Red Eye Tickets. If purchasing tickets on someone else’s behalf the ticket buyer will enter the intended recipient’s name and email address as directed.

All ticketing on Red Eye Tickets is digital through PDF QR codes. No physical tickets will be issued.